How to become a good floor sander

Floor sanding is not an easy job although it may appear easy enough to attempt. You may think it’s all about applying sandpaper on a piece of paper; sorry to disappoint but it’s never all about sanding and lacquering. To avoid having a professional come by and correct a mess you’re likely to create, here are some tips you’ll need up your sleeve.

  1. Sanding is not done by hand

It would take too long to complete by hand, introduce a machine ease your work. It doesn’t mean you’re set to start your work once you have a machine; no. heavy machines need expertise before trying to operate; carry out research and learn the basics, the rest you can figure out or learn everything to avoid regrets.

  1. Ensure you take out all the previous finish

Starting off with a 120g sandpaper is a big no! Scrub off all the polish to avoid having the floor look worse than it was. Applying a fresh coat of polish in areas left with previous polish just give the floor an ugly appearance. The polish will appear different in the area with old polish and on the bare floor.

  1. Proper training

DIYs may work out for some people but be warned, it’s not for everyone. Sanding machines are not always forgiving; it is more advisable to go through a short or a full course if you want to be a superb floor sander. For janitors and building cleaners, you don’t require formal education. You can learn on the job or in high school courses in the shop.

  1. Learn the basics

For every skill, the first thing you need to learn first is the basics. Learn how to prepare the floor and clean it before diving into it. Sanding is a process, you cant start in the middle or at the end. In this case, the end does not justify the means.

As mentioned above, it is all up to you. Whether you prefer to undergo a training course or just learn via DIYs.

Hope this helps!

Common Mistakes When Hiring a Shopfitting Company

Shopfitting is an important aspect if you own a restaurant or store. It is a great way to remain relevant among your competition at all time. It also helps to improve the brand of the company as well as making you stand out from a distance. However, such businesses underestimate the need to hire a shopfitting company and do the fitting themselves. This leaves them wondering why their sales are not rising as expected. On the other hand, you could hire the wrong shopfitting company which has a similar impact on your business.

Outlined below are some of the common mistakes made when hiring a shopfitting company.

  1. Deciding to go Cheap

As an entrepreneur, you are looking forward to saving most of your income and spend it one the best investments. You may also be tight on finances especially when you are starting out. As a result, you could end up searching for cheapest shopfitting company in your area just to get the job done. Inadequate lighting in your store could be one of the effects you get from hiring cheap companies. This will affect the mood of your clients. It could also prevent you from appealingly displaying your items to improve on sales.


  1. Rush decisions

You are definitely looking to improve the space in your store as soon as possible. This may make you rush decisions when hiring a shopfitting company. You could be willing to work with any company that sends in their quotation first without any further research. Over-looking the level of experience and reputation of a shopfitting company you want to work with could be disastrous.

Hiring any shopfitting company could lead to losses in your business. Customers will keep away from your store especially if it has no space to navigate in or does not attract them with the displays.


Tips For Environmental Awareness In The Office

In the office it is possible to work sustainably. You can save on various areas and in this way contribute to a cleaner environment. Below are a number of practical tips.

  1. Be aware of office supplies.

Used paper can be used on the back as scrap paper. Choose the use of recycled paper with an FSC quality mark. This not only saves money, you also contribute to the management of forests worldwide. More and more pens, staplers and binders are produced in an environmentally friendly way.

2. Sustainable transport from and to the office.

Get on your bike, take public transport or go carpooling with your colleagues. Leaving your car more often is not that bad at all. It saves you a lot of fuel costs on an annual basis.

3. Discourage the use of lease cars.

It is so easy, a lease car. By introducing bicycle programs and by pointing out the possibilities and (tax) benefits that the use of public transport has, you prove that the environment is a great service. Do you still want to stay in your lease car? Then change to a hybrid or electric model.

4. Sustainable office furniture.

At the moment that office furniture needs to be replaced, you should opt for furniture with the rubber. The materials used in this furniture burden the environment considerably less than traditional office furniture.

5. Save on energy.

It is interesting to follow the developments in the field of energy saving. You can save in the office on both the consumption of lighting, electricity and heating. Introduce saving or LED lamps and choose, if desired, so-called daylight lamps. Daylight lamps work to increase production and contribute to better health.

Some Other Tips

  • Take a look at the cafeteria.

Office buildings are major consumers in the field of coffee and tea. Check which products are used in your cafeteria and switch to biologically responsible products. The same applies to the supply of lunch products.

  • Coffee mugs instead of disposable cups.

Forget about those handy plastic disposable cups. Choose whether or not personalized mugs. By replacing the plastic with sustainable mugs, you have a lot less plastic waste on an annual basis.

  • Energy-efficient electronics.

When purchasing printers, computers and faxes, choose the best for equipment with a GEEA or Energystar label. This type of equipment is equipped with ‘power management’ and is more energy-efficient. Also remember that an inkjet printer uses more than 40% less energy than a laser printer. Always choose printers with separate toners and ink cartridges. This way you can replace this color for color and do not throw away half-full copies.

  • Green in an office is doing well.

It is a known fact that a plant and some more green in an office space stimulates. Green promotes the work performance and is also good for the oxygen content in the air. After all, they have a purifying effect.

  • Send climate-neutral mail.

Sending mail and packages contributes to large CO2 emissions. You can choose to send mail in a climate-neutral way. You compensate an amount that is invested by PostNL in various windmill projects.