Some Other Tips

  • Take a look at the cafeteria.

Office buildings are major consumers in the field of coffee and tea. Check which products are used in your cafeteria and switch to biologically responsible products. The same applies to the supply of lunch products.

  • Coffee mugs instead of disposable cups.

Forget about those handy plastic disposable cups. Choose whether or not personalized mugs. By replacing the plastic with sustainable mugs, you have a lot less plastic waste on an annual basis.

  • Energy-efficient electronics.

When purchasing printers, computers and faxes, choose the best for equipment with a GEEA or Energystar label. This type of equipment is equipped with ‘power management’ and is more energy-efficient. Also remember that an inkjet printer uses more than 40% less energy than a laser printer. Always choose printers with separate toners and ink cartridges. This way you can replace this color for color and do not throw away half-full copies.

  • Green in an office is doing well.

It is a known fact that a plant and some more green in an office space stimulates. Green promotes the work performance and is also good for the oxygen content in the air. After all, they have a purifying effect.

  • Send climate-neutral mail.

Sending mail and packages contributes to large CO2 emissions. You can choose to send mail in a climate-neutral way. You compensate an amount that is invested by PostNL in various windmill projects.

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