Tips For Environmental Awareness In The Office

In the office it is possible to work sustainably. You can save on various areas and in this way contribute to a cleaner environment. Below are a number of practical tips.

  1. Be aware of office supplies.

Used paper can be used on the back as scrap paper. Choose the use of recycled paper with an FSC quality mark. This not only saves money, you also contribute to the management of forests worldwide. More and more pens, staplers and binders are produced in an environmentally friendly way.

2. Sustainable transport from and to the office.

Get on your bike, take public transport or go carpooling with your colleagues. Leaving your car more often is not that bad at all. It saves you a lot of fuel costs on an annual basis.

3. Discourage the use of lease cars.

It is so easy, a lease car. By introducing bicycle programs and by pointing out the possibilities and (tax) benefits that the use of public transport has, you prove that the environment is a great service. Do you still want to stay in your lease car? Then change to a hybrid or electric model.

4. Sustainable office furniture.

At the moment that office furniture needs to be replaced, you should opt for furniture with the rubber. The materials used in this furniture burden the environment considerably less than traditional office furniture.

5. Save on energy.

It is interesting to follow the developments in the field of energy saving. You can save in the office on both the consumption of lighting, electricity and heating. Introduce saving or LED lamps and choose, if desired, so-called daylight lamps. Daylight lamps work to increase production and contribute to better health.